Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The living room. How to furnish the living room in small sized flat.

Furnishing the living rooms was never been an easy thing. This room is always used by owners to present their flats, to show their wealthy, and style. But in case of small sized flat this task becomes even harder, because you have to share the space with all the family, you have to unite absolutely different places. This is a small and hope not useless guide to do this.

The bedroom, home office or even the kitchen are personal zones of your flat. So when you're decorating them, you usually create some subjective design based on your own preferences. But this is the solution when you're furnishing the living room, as it will became the center of your flat, some kind of presentation hall of all your flat. So the living room is a special place to show, and it's design will be talked over between your guests. It will show them your level of wealthy, style of live, and your personality.

Living room functionality slightly changes when it comes to small-sized flats. In the case it can't be only used for meeting people, or maybe some other kind of "pleasant doing nothing", and often becomes the headquarter if your flat where your family will be learning, working or even sleeping. So in case of small sized flat the process of living room furnishing is not so easy as it was before (for large sized flats), because now you have to divide it in functional zones each one of which should be independent functional unit. And sometimes all these units are contradicting each other. Some examples are: kids and parents, games and studying,  work and meeting people, etc.

So the main task which should be solved by living room planning is making all these places in the way they can coexist in one place. And from the other hand this place should look like a home for anyone of your guests.

The living room is traditionally the lightest room in all your flat, so if you don't have enough light in it, then you should build extra window, or, for example, create a special glass door.

How to create zones in your living room

1. If your living room is used for some process very often, then you should plan a special place for this process to avoid frequent unfolding for this kind of work process. The working place should not block any entrance, or be on a communication line.

2. Communication zone. If your living room has several doors, then it's better to separate the paths from one door to another. Also it's better to leave some place near the window. You should follow simple rule: The most used parts of the living room should be easily accessible. So don't block this space!

3. Zone of free space. In small sized flats, you should use any possible (and sometime impossible) way to enlarge the free space. The main aim is to group your furniture, so it's placed in the way that to use it you will have to turn to the wall. So this way your working place will share the free space of the room.

Massive furniture can be formed as a peninsula placed in the middle of the room. It will allow easy access to it from 2 or 3 sides.

To make your flat visually larger, the furniture is often divided in several complex groups. This way of grouping helps to decrease free spaces between the units of furniture and as the result will hide all narrow passages, so all free space will be combined in one unit, making your room visually larger.

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