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How to arrange furniture in room? Furniture disposal

How to disposal furniture in room? Choose or find out where is room focal point. It could be any object. Consider furniture sizes and proportions between furniture units. If you can't afford yourself to buy new furniture, then you can achieve harmony inside the room using fabric covering. How to deal with some architecture lacks?

To arrange furniture in room correctly you'll need:
1. find out where is focal point of your room - architectural feature;
2. understand sizes of your furniture and then place it in its places;
3. hide architectural defects.

1. Room focal point

Here the Red couch is room focal point. All other units was paced relative to it

Focal point it's architectural feature, often it's object around which arrange all furniture and decorations in room. Big room could have several such points. In ancient times interior was organized around fireplace. Now we often comeback to this tradition. Fire give room warm, comfy and elegant.

If you can't find focal point in room, then create it yourself. It could be any object, which you notice first, when entering a room. Look around you and might notice largest furniture piece or artwork or something interesting to look at in your room. It could be bright carpet, floor lamp, elegant chandelier or other accessory. In bedroom it will be bed, for sure. After choosing the focal point organize all your efforts to keep and highlight it.

In bedroom bed is room focal point, for sure

2. Furniture sizes

Consider furniture sizes and proportions between furniture units. First of all arrange the main furniture pieces over room focal point. Try to combine small and large units but keep the balance between them. Very small accessories should be grouped in one place. One big piece of furniture such as couch, two seater armchair or wardrobe visually increase space in small room. Distribute all high and heavy pieces evenly in room, do not put them together along one wall. If hang picture, sconce or mirror above low object it will give room more high. Also try decorate with nice screen.

If you can't afford yourself to buy new furniture, then you can achieve harmony inside the room using fabric covering. For example, if your wooden chairs looks more light in comparison with heavy sofa, then you can use cover with frill for your chairs, it will make them more "heavy". The easiest way to combine furniture of different types is to use neutral colors: white, wooden, "natural twigs".  Also do not forget that rooms is built/designed/furnished for people, so they should feel comfortable inside. That's why you should leave at least 0,9-1,2 meters of free space near the door. Also distances between different pieces of your furniture must be at least 80 cm.

3. Architectural defects

Almost every place has some architecture lacks.

Flatness of the wall can be broken by big amount of windows or doors. Your room might look like a cardboard box or be very long so you feel yourself like in tunnel inside.
If your room is narrow and long, then you can visually shorten it via placing wide piece of furniture on the one of it's sides. Side wide bookcase or extra-long bed with side tables can solve the problem.

See, wide bookcase make room wider

Square rooms looks better when furniture is placed in the middle of the room, but not near walls. Furniture placed diagonally, visually widen the space.

If unused alcove in the wall disturbs you, then place there embedded book shelves, folding table or bench. This will help to make this place less focused, and it will be more useful.

In case when there are many doors in one room, then you should paint walls, doors, door cases and all other wooden decoration in same color. It will distract attention from them, so no one will be focused on the doors quantity.

In case of small windows, you can use inconspicuous curtains on them. The focal point of such rooms must be created using decoration technics.

Inconspicuous curtains will hide small windows

If you can't find any way to hide some architectural luck of your room, then place visual focal point of such room in a good distance from the place you want to hide.

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