Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Creating zones in small flats

Even small flat can be very functional, and fit all your needs. So all you have to do is divide your space in several smaller pieces. It can seem very simple.. and it is! There are several small but important rules which will help you with this process. This article will give your some ideas to follow, and some to think of. Really interested in feedback!

You should always consider the geographical (skyline) location of your flat during the zones planning. For example, the bedroom or sleeping zone should be placed in the east side of your flat. And if you will follow this advice, you will be waken up by sun rays each morning, and they will give you their energy for the whole day.

Living room should be placed on the west side of your flat, so when dusk is falling you will have ability to watch the sunset, without having to turn on electric lights.

It's a common practice to share zones in small flats. For example, in living room it's common to share the rest and guests zones, in bedroom it's common to share sleeping, working and sometimes sport zones. So thats why furniture of these zones should fit its specific needs.
Living room.

For living room it's better to allocate space for rest zone, zone for meeting people, zone for TV


In the bedroom you can allocate zone for rest and sleep, for work (in case bed room is combined with study)


Kitchen can be divided into several zones. Particularly cooking zone, meeting zone, eating zone, etc.

Study room

Can be divided into reading zone, working zone (zone with the table).

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