Monday, 20 June 2011

Kitchen lighting ideas, pictures

Collection of kitchen lighting ideas

1. Abyss Spot light

The lights have fantastic and cosmic design. It's LED strip holders will add interesting feature to your kitchen. These spots are good addition for modern and hi-tech interior designs.

2. Plum plate spotlight

This spotlight looks like tree fresh and juicy apples, hang down from ceiling. The Glamor plums could be turned to different directions to highlight exactly what you need.

3. Sama ceiling light
The Sama lightings were created in 2004 by Gregorio Spini. Unfortunately I couldn't find any information about this designer. The only thing I know is that he creates divine thing for interior!
So, the Sama lightings are available in two colours and two sizes. Sama spot have interesting shape and design but it could be more interesting and stylish if you will hang about 6 or 8 lights on your ceiling in some curved line.

4. Lisa lighting
If you want to add gold and rich elements to your kitchen then Lisa lights exactly what you need! Simple shape but fine colour.

Also please check several interesting versions of lightings for your kitchen.

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  1. Hi there!! I'm from Chicago foreclosure i love your spot lights it really really amazed me.