Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The living room. How to furnish the living room in small sized flat.

Furnishing the living rooms was never been an easy thing. This room is always used by owners to present their flats, to show their wealthy, and style. But in case of small sized flat this task becomes even harder, because you have to share the space with all the family, you have to unite absolutely different places. This is a small and hope not useless guide to do this.

Which furniture is in fashion now?

How to chose best furniture? How to be on the top of the fashion. How to feel the latest trends, and be cool? This short article gives some review of the latest trends in the furniture fashion. Reading it, and especially reviewing already made design examples, can give you additional inspiration, while furnishing. Don't hesitate to try, don't be afraid to realize the most incredible dreams of yours!

Creating zones in small flats

Even small flat can be very functional, and fit all your needs. So all you have to do is divide your space in several smaller pieces. It can seem very simple.. and it is! There are several small but important rules which will help you with this process. This article will give your some ideas to follow, and some to think of. Really interested in feedback!

How to furnish your room. Simple advices to make it better?

You have to know main rules of Furnishing the room. Furniture should take only 30%-50% of the room's space. About placing furniture for room, and how to decorate it started from visual focal point. What is visual focal point?

How to arrange furniture in room? Furniture disposal

How to disposal furniture in room? Choose or find out where is room focal point. It could be any object. Consider furniture sizes and proportions between furniture units. If you can't afford yourself to buy new furniture, then you can achieve harmony inside the room using fabric covering. How to deal with some architecture lacks?