Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How to furnish your room. Simple advices to make it better?

You have to know main rules of Furnishing the room. Furniture should take only 30%-50% of the room's space. About placing furniture for room, and how to decorate it started from visual focal point. What is visual focal point?

Furnishing the room can look like a difficult puzzle sometimes.  All needed "ingredients" are near, so all you need is to place them in decent places.... But still nothing decent comes from it... But why?! The main reason is that you have to know main rules of this process! And it's not complicated at all, believe us!

1. The main thing when furnishing the room is to avoid overdoing it!

Professionals say that furniture should take only 30%-50% of the room's space. Can add only that 30% is a good proportion, and 50% is on the edge of overhead. The freedom of the movement and overview makes positive effect on the whole room's presentation in general, and it's interior design particularly. So this is the main rule of the furnishing anything, and following it helps to create comfortable atmosphere in the house, believe me!

2. Start with main thing.

Just think how this room will be used. Start furnishing from placing the main piece of furniture for this room, and then decorate it as visual focal point of the room. For example, for living room it will be soft furniture, in dining room - place where people will eat, in bed room - bed, in study - working table, in bathroom and in the toilet - bathroom equipment, in the kitchen - gas stove and sink.

Sofa is visual focal point of living room.

 Dining table is visual focal point of dining room.

 Bed is focal point of bedroom.

 Table is focal point of home office.

 Oven is visual focal point of kitchen.

3. Cabinet furniture - is the most massive and large so you should organize everything in a way when it can be easily and quickly accessible.

4. The furniture should not block the way out.

5. If you're open space fun then I can recommend you to place all furniture near the walls in straight lines.

6. If you're furnishing a big room, and also you want to have some personal zones in the room (and also in case of high ceilings), then you should divide your room into several smaller zones, using different pieces of furniture. The most useful items for zones creation are writing tables, and other frame based furniture.

7. If your rooms is small

If your room is small then you should use small furniture, to relieve the top of the room, and increase the volume. Also you should not think that small amount of furniture will make you room look isolated or inhabitable. Well placed decor (vases, clocks, flowers and other unique combinations from candles and souvenirs) will help to fill the space, will make it more bright and also will add uniqueness to your flat.

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