Monday, 28 February 2011

What are the 3 most necessary things in any bedroom?

I found an interesting competition on mydeco, which called Pass It On. So, I'm going to write a post on given topic and I hope to win a prize!!!
I decided to write about 3 the most important or necessary things in my bedroom.

A Guide to Northeastern Gardening

I was looking for some info about shade garden and I found a good web site about gardening -
A Guide to Northeastern Gardening

There are many useful information about maintaining garden, growing plants and looking after them. Also they provide many advices on garden design...
The owners of the site is running a business in landscaping. As far as I know they have good experience in work with clients, and got many nice feedbacks from them!

Friday, 25 February 2011

£50 prize for the best blog post

Yesterday, mydeco launched new exciting project called Pass-it-on.

The competition is aiming to attract as much as possible bloggers.The idea is to collect thoughts of the most respected and trusted bloggers regarding to key topics of mydeco.
This is a funny competition, which gathers personal experience rather than knowledge of some topic.

Also it's a good place to promote your blog, as mydeco is high trusted site, with the good traffic. Moreover, the participants could get a link from this site for free! :)

New Google's office in London

New Google's office has really unusual design for the first shot, but when you look more closer you will see that all things there was done to create atmosphere of health and well-being.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Blog all about India

I've never seen before so many information about India as at An Indian Summer blog. To be honest Indai is really unusual country for me. But I would be happy to visit it. It has many interesting places and things to see, like Buddha.

Joanna Goddard a great journalist and perfect mother

Joanna is a magazine writer and she has her own blog In spite of that fact that she is working now she also looking after her baby. She has a son, I found several nice posts and funny pictures here Toby's life.

So, please treat Joanna's blog with most adorable comments and feedback!!!

Uncommon but exciting blog

Today I was searching for some info in Internet and I stumbled upon this really nice blog
I was impressed by it's unusual way to talk about usual things :)... I think you understand me when you will visit this site.
Usually such blogs inspire me to create more interesting posts on my own blog.

Monday, 14 February 2011

A happy story about My orchid

I have an orchid at home. It was presented to me on my Birthday. But soon after that I had a baby and while I was absent (about 1 month) it withered a lot...