Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Add Comfort And Style To Your Room With Cushions!

As adults, when we get the chance to settle in for a good movie on a big comfortable couch or love seat we certainly cherish that time. But what is it that makes this time so appealing? It cannot just be the great movie because if that was so we would not care if we were on comfortable cushions or on the hard floor. It has to be the soft cushions on our couches and love seats.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Roman Blinds in your home

If you want to update your windows with clean and sophisticated blinds, Roman Blinds are the way to go. You can choose to use them by themselves or with top treatments or curtains. Fit them to your window however you want them to hang. These blinds are normally made with light or medium weight fabric and have a lining.

Children's room designs

I want to show you interesting solution for designing an interior of room for your kids.

History of Japanese holding screens or deviders.

In Japanese house there are some special screens, or as the Japanese call them – Shoji screens! When one see this screen you perfectly know where he is and what a style of this room is.

Create your room in Japanese style

Japanese sukiya style rooms called, "washitsu" with tokonoma and hand crafted tatami mats that can be used for any occasion, from Japanese tea ceremony (about Japanese green tea video) or for bedrooms and living room. Authentic Japanese interior design with careful eye to details, tokonoma room is a reflection of traditional Japanese design.

Colors in room decorating. How to choose?

The application of color in any artistic endeavor — including home decorating and furniture selection — can be tricky and sometimes downright frustrating. That’s one way interior designers earn their pay.