Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Which furniture is in fashion now?

How to chose best furniture? How to be on the top of the fashion. How to feel the latest trends, and be cool? This short article gives some review of the latest trends in the furniture fashion. Reading it, and especially reviewing already made design examples, can give you additional inspiration, while furnishing. Don't hesitate to try, don't be afraid to realize the most incredible dreams of yours!

Have to say that it's impossible to highlight one main trend in furniture fashion at the moment. Even the most prestigious companies, which are considered to be fashionista are moving in diametral opposite directions.

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But there are some trends, where furniture fashionistas are working. Natural materials are in fashion again nowadays. But they look like artificial materials, like plastic and glass, and almost don't have their natural look anymore. Some good example is wood which was covered by several layers of lacquer. From the other hand manufacturers are trying to mask plastic, so it looks more natural, for example they are adding natural materials (glass, pebbles, chips, etc)  inside it.

Valuable sorts of timber with beautiful texture are in fashion as usual.

Warm tints of brass and bronze are dominating among metallic materials. Forged metal with engravings are used more and more often.

Sacking, dense jacquard, brocade and actually anything that gives furniture more soft look is dominating among textiles.

Also absolutely different shapes of furniture are more popular now. For example cabinet furniture became light and transparent.

From the most recent trends we can highlight abundance of open shelves, alcoves and also domination of glass. Such decoration makes parts of the furniture more visible, and adds some charm to the whole room.
Soft furniture is becoming lower and more volumed. The sizes the of seating places, backs and armrests are growing. Chairs shapes are becoming more useful and functional, there are some trends when chair shapes are becoming very unexpected.

Sofas are becoming longer at the expense of sofa's backs headrests and armrests. But despite it's huge sizes soft furniture is still elegant.

Also huge amount of hidden useful thing is another interesting feature of modern sofas. Some examples are side tables, folding shelves, built-in bars and lamps.

Shapeless soft furniture is also became very fascinate, sometimes is looks like it has lost it's clear delineations or it looks plastic. Such pieces of furniture are placed without straight order, and usually give some additional personality and uniqueness to the flat.

Actually furniture is very personal thing, so it always depends on who is choosing it.

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