Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Japan Bloom Fair 2011

18th Jan 2011 in New York was organized a big fair of cutting flowers. It was only one day but visitors were so excited by plenty of flowers and colors, so they wouldn't forget it for a long time!

The inside had a fantastic look, in spite of winter outside. The participants prepared a huge amount of different sample showcases, included small and big bouquets in vases, decoration entirely made from flowers. I guess the visitors have never seen so much flowers before!

This event was organized to promote Japanese flowers abroad. The main idea was to support overseas floral designers so that could use more Japanese flowers in their work. It was more commercial project than just show event. But everyone was excited and enjoyed that fully.

Here are several nice pictures which was made there

 Sample showcases (above)

A pretty rose hat box arrangement. Good idea for Valentine's Day present (above)

A kind of Eustoma (above)

Blushing shade Roses (above)

Pretty Sweet pea (above)

Initial name of event: Naniwa FEX in New York / Japan Bloom Fair USA 2010

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