Friday, 25 February 2011

New Google's office in London

New Google's office has really unusual design for the first shot, but when you look more closer you will see that all things there was done to create atmosphere of health and well-being.

This design was made by famous Scott Brownrigg architecture firm. They decided to add many interactivity to the given workspace to enhance and foster creativity of office staff.
Joe Borrett and Jane Preston from Google was working together with the Scott Brownrigg Interior Design team. They decided to add some special features to the office, such as, iconic elements of Brighton Beach, brightly coloured timber beach huts, massage and spa treatment centre, Asian Fusion and Sushi restaurant and so on. By the way, the restaurant is free for all office staff. I wouldn't mind to have such feature at my office too!!!

Well, New workspace has many options and places to enjoy and have fun. But I don't know is it good or not.... Sometimes a plenty of colours can confuse people or disturb. So, before to make such big changes maybe better to ask your staff?

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