Monday, 31 January 2011

Growing tomatoes become fashion

Last time become fashion to grow vegetables at home in decorative pots. For example, a little red tomatoes look pretty good on a terrace. 
amazing, but garden vegetables, which grow in pots at home are look like toys, so small and tidy. Usually they are grown for decoration, not for food. However, why not to eat one or two fresh tomatoes, which smell so tasty!!!

To grow tomatoes at home is quite difficult task for novice. You must follow many rules and condition to prepare soil, seed trays and so on. Important to keep seeds in warm place, with temperature about 75-80F. Also you must be more than carefully when you will transpalnt seedlings to the permanent pots.

So, maybe it's better to start from growing tomatoes at vegetable patches and next year try it in the pots?

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