Monday, 12 April 2010

Top 10 thing you need for camping. Best recommendations.

If you used to camp, then following tips and recommendations will be really useful fro you.
Actually, it's great to take a break from city life and go to camping trip. But as any other things in your life camping should be planned good.

So, there are some essential things you should carry when you go on camping trip.
1. Camping tent

Tent is most important camping gear for you, it protects you from heat and rain weather. I'd recommend you to pay attention on tent accessories as well.

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2. Vacuum flask

Flask will keep any liquids cold or hot for a long time. Better to take solid stainless steel flask, because it has vacuum bottle inside and it's not going to break if it bump thing. You can take one from Amaroni at mydeco online store, here camping accessories

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