Monday, 19 April 2010

The most incredible clocks

Little collection of most unusual and geek clocks. It could be perfect present for your friend or funny gadget in your home.

Pop Quiz Wall Clock

This clocks create for all math geniuses. To know what time is it now you should do a lot of calculations. So, test your knowledge when telling the time!
This clock imitate chalkboard. It made from beautiful matte black powder coated metal disc.

Ninja Clock

This clock has nunchuck minute hands and a ninja swinging into action as the pendulum. Looks like a giant ninja throwing star or shuriken. If you like martial art then this clock for you!

Early Bird Alarm Clock

This alarm clock differs from other alarms by it's tender wake up birdsong. You'll like the gentle sounds of birds that remind about nature, countryside and summer holidays.
Early Bird Alarm Clock was created by designer Chris Ng.

Toast Clock

This tasteful timepiece looks like a giant toast, that is stuck to the wall. It suit to any kitchen style. Really funny, isn't it?

Cocktail Clock

The clock was designed like a jaunty cocktail glass. It's swinging pendulum is shaped like the stem of the glass and little second hand looks like green olives is stuck into it. Cocktail Clock is great feature for modern kitchen design.

Tape Timer Kitchen Timer

This aluminium kitchen timer has unusual way to telling a time. The green tape marked from 0 to 60, where each graduation is one minute. To set a time you should just pull out the tape to the required length of time and then it will slowly retract into the box. When it will be hidden completely you will hear the ring.
Designed by Joseph Forakis the Tape Timer very compact and easy to use on any kitchen.

Kitchen Cutlery Clock

This kitchen clock will be perfect accessory for your dining room. It's created from 12 spoons and forks fanned out around the sleek clock face. Fancy, isn't it?

Those incredible clocks you can also find on Neatoshop

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