Thursday, 12 November 2009

Christmas coming! Bring gifts to the room!

Take a look at some best traditional Christmas rooms, for inspiration on how to decorate your home this year.

This room is already decorated with classically festive deep greens and reds, but he has added the matching stockings and gifts that traditionally inhabit the bedroom come Christmas dawn.

This room is a festive delight! The dark holly leaf greens and vivid cherry reds create a Christmas wonderland that is perfect for relaxing in.

You can just smell the roast dinner cooking in this warm and inviting blushing red kitchen.
The already festive walls are exaggerated with more red decorations, and given a green focus with the sparsely decorated tree.

This living room is full of fun board games, gifts and drinks, but the real attraction for the family members is the traditional festive colours.

This room still feels wonderfully seasonal without the usual garish decorations, because the traditional green and red is sprinkled on a snowy white background. This is the perfect room for opening all those presents in!

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