Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Handmade Frames for Photos

Interior decoration could be different either figurines, fancy china dishes or even flowers. But what could be more pleasant then decorate your home or flat with own photos in beautiful frames. They could be used instead of paintings on the walls.

Most simple way is go to the shop or online store and buy frames you wish. But what could be more exciting to create your own frames? Think about materials you'll need for it and start to art.

For example, you can paint wooden frame with watercolors. Write some cheerful words that associated with photo.

Simple wooden frame could be decorate with seashells, which you brought with you from vocation on the sea. Take glue and stick them to the frame. Also you can cover it with silver or other color spray paint in bottle. Believe me, it will looks great.

Plastic frames also good. They are light and easy to decorate. Stick to them paper flowers, stars or hearts, it will look perfect.

One more tip for you. Try decorate frame with dry flowers. Glue them to the frame and cover with hairspray and you'll get most amazing frame you've ever saw.

The photos are bright moments of your life, which deserve to decorate walls in best frames. When you decorate with your family photos you give your home warmth, love and beauty. So, good frame it's not only perfect decorations but also focal point in the room.

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  1. I can't wait to redecorate my main street lofts! Your ideas are just so mesmerizing.