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About different styles in interior design

We can argue for a long time about what is style in interior design. Well, the basis of any style is idea. Interior design is not just a combination of designer's techniques, but it is also a reflection of human spirit. That's why so easy influence on it. This is the reason why you can't find really clear realization of any of interior styles in all over the world. So, the personal experience, professionalism, architect knowledges and good taste determine what will be style in interior design.

Today styles divides on two: Historical and Contemporary.
Historical in other words eclectic style is implementation of elements of 'historical' architects.

Ancient Egypt
Egyptian buildings embodied the Eternity, e.g. Pyramids in Giza. The most of forms are simple and rectangular. There are a lot of symbolic wall paintings, which drawn in single line style. Walls, piers and columns decorate with hieroglyphics and ritual scenes in typical Egyptian manner. Most used colors are red, green, yellow, blue, black and white. A modern implementation of this style reflect deep philosophy of ancient epoch and create atmosphere of mystery.

Ancient Egypt interior style
Ancient Egypt chair

 Ancient Egypt table

Ancient Greece
The most important elements of this interior style are columns and sculptures. All components based on one shape, even one idea. This is principle of Ancient Greece style called System of Order. The wall are decorate with paintings and bás-reliefs. Floor made in mosaic, later it were covered with carpets. Furniture shapes are simple and laconic. Later the shape of furniture of ancient Greek become a basis for other interior styles. Greek style combine figured and floral ornaments with geometric elements. Main features of the style are an idealization, symmetry and static.

Ancient Greece styled living room

Ancient Greece sculpture

Ancient Greece styled living room

Ancient Rome
The ancient Romans learned a lot from Greek. They started experiments with Greek System of Order. They combined it with Italian arch and cylindrical body. Romans heritage in design astonish everyone by its unusual and perfect beauty. Magnificence and wealth go thought all their architecture. The distinguishing features of the style are often use of arcade, decorative paintings, which imitate marble and sophisticated furniture shapes. In the ornaments often use symbols of powerful, weapons, animals, army force and so on.

Byzantine style
The style relating to Christianity. It's style of wonderful Constantinople. The distinguishing feature is spirit superiority under body. The dome, in the centre of architecture, symbolize The heaven. The decorations are famous Byzantine mosaics, bright colours and luxurious carpets.

Romanesque epoch - presents harmony in all things, characterized by smooth lines and shape of arches, majestic in decorations and asceticism in furnishing. The use of monumental defences elements are typical for this style - stone arch, massive walls with many embrasures and so on. Interior is minimum - bed, mainly with bed curtains; rough chairs with high back, made from wood; trunks, fasted together by metal plates and other. At the same time it finish with fabrics and carpets. The most common element is fireplace with hood. The feature of Romanesque is ornaments of leaves and tendrils in doors and walls decorations.

The style include different psychological states of human and elements of mysticism, but looks refined, at the same time. Gothic architecture it is coloured stained-glass window, lancet arch, huge windows from the very floor, play of light and accented vertical lines of all elements. The style is characterised by special compatibility of colours and materials. The main element of architecture is fireplace with pyramidal hood. Gothic style features are walls decorated with fabrics, paintings and mirrors in expansive golden frames, carpets, tapestry and curtains. The interior decorations include marble, stone and metal (mainly iron or bronze). The furniture is massive, made from dark wood with fillet (mainly vine leaves, ivy, clover, trefoil).

Baroque means seashell with wonderful and fancy shape. This is not just interior design style, this is life style. It is full of emotions, theatrical, impressive, pompous style of Louis XIV epoch. The main features of the style is plasticity and dynamic of walls, they lost the Gothic reliability and monumentality but become fancy and curve lines. Design become more magnificent and majestic. The characteristics of Baroque interior design are bright colours, play of light and shadow, sophisticated curved elements. The decorations include bright inlay, gilded moulding and painted ceiling, beautiful fireplace, bed with canopy, mirrors from floor to ceiling hight, many bás-reliefs, sculptures and vases both indoor and outdoor. Also Baroque style features are using of candelabras, candlesticks and majestic chandeliers.

This is the most cozy and intimate style in the history of art. It embody boudoir, frivolous and carnival. Sophisticated and feminine become continuation of Baroque. Most used techniques are so that break general architecture of building: mirrors, huge paintings, smoothing angels between walls and ceiling, often use of oval in rectangular compositions. Interior is decorate with fretworks and moulding, flowers garlands, seashells and cupids. Also decorate with bronze, pictorial pictures, tapestries, erotic and pastoral pictures, mythical subjects, asymmetry. The style feature is mirrors. Big and small, in gilded frames, they are always main element of decor. The furniture are always sophisticated, elegant and fanciful. Lines are always smooth and colours are more pastel then in Baroque. Gilding in combination with bright colours makes sophisticated and majestic effect.

This is style of conservative and solid people. The main characteristics of it are symmetry, beauty and constructivism. It is often recognized as ideal and universal style. The central element is column with accurate and straight lines. The walls are smooth with pronounced structure. All elements made from expensive and high quality materials (wood and stone). The decorations present paintings in minimalism style, sculptures, pictures, moulding and big vases. The ornaments describe antique world and floral motifs.

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