Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Children's room designs

I want to show you interesting solution for designing an interior of room for your kids.

This room will be great for your little girl.

If you have young boy and girl but only one children's room, this design will help you to share space between them.

This room is look very creative. Seams like it was combined from different rooms.

 This very universal room. It can be cool not only for a boy, but also for a girl.

 This children's room have great combination of purple and green colors. It will be very well for girl with romantic character.

No doubt this is girl's room. Pink color symbolise:

- Unconditional love
- Romance
- Friendly
- Kindness
- Femininity
- Frivolity
- Hypersensitivity

So, why not?

This is real kinder garden, isn't it? Very beautiful colors for kids.

This kid's room designed in sweet and warn colors. So, your little girl will have good mood everyday!

Thanks, shop for furniture for those designs!


  1. WOW! Few Months back i moved to my new house and i am searching for design for my children bedroom and i found good idea and interior too here. The Color combination is so good all thing like down pillow bed, toy everything put together very well. Thanks for sharing I'll take some of your idea to make my children bedroom.

  2. Yes it is kindergarden ! I am happy you have used my design!
    Best regards