Tuesday, 22 December 2009

How Many Decorative Uses For A Chair

The chair is a decorative tool just as much as it is a useful one. Something as simple as a place to put your seat can transform a room into something totally new and unique, especially if you go about it creatively. You can tap into your creativity through the placement of the chair or the decorative aspects of the chair. You can certainly pair them together, but it really isn't necessary.

Chairs and tables tend to be a natural pairing. Yet once again it is not really necessary. You can use just about any type of chair as a piece by itself as a stand alone decorative accessory if you have a good idea.

A good idea isn't always found in tradition or in the usual decorative ideas. The size of the room, the type of room, and the other decorative factors play a role in determining whether your decorative idea is a good one.

Living rooms generally have some sort of seating available. Most of use couches or loveseats but don't discount the value of single chairs. Stuffed chairs make great, stylish, space saving decorative pieces that are useful as well. Small apartments or rooms that are a little devoid of extra space can be decorated very nicely with stuffed chairs.

Let's not forget the comfort of a great chair. It can feel like a warm hug wrapping around you, supporting you in a great way that keeps you happy for movie night just as it keeps you reading your favorite new book. Setting up a small area that is just perfect for reading a good book can be just the ticket to really make your decorative tastes stand out while adding a bit of nuance to the room. The convenience of having the perfect place to kick back and read a good book is priceless.

Egg Chair Leather Arne Jacobsen 1958 at Artdeco design shop


Ripple low rocking chair white at Dwell


Vintage Leather Armchair at Not on the High Street

Dream Velvet Armchair at Graham and Green

Bedrooms, guest rooms, and even the kids' rooms can be enhanced with the right chair. Whether you go for the modern look or the regal look of Victorian furnishings, the right accent chair can pull together a room in a whole new way.

One chair, two chairs, or five chairs can easily be set up throughout a room to draw your creative senses. You can use chairs that compliment each other or you can use those that match each other. What matters most is that you select a style that you like and you give yourself some decorative permission to play around with the look a little bit.

There is nothing like pulling together a look and creating something special simply by adding a new piece. While most people look toward the corner of the room to set up a chair there are more options than just the one empty corner. You can create a room that is well balanced without keeping it perfectly in check. Don't be afraid to try new things and to work out new room arrangements when it comes to how to set up your furniture. Have some fun with it and find something that works well for you.

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